Maduro faces global criticism, US sanctions

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Despite widespread discontent over Venezuela's economic collapse, most opposition parties chose to boycott the election after officials blocked their most popular leaders from competing against Maduro.

Reacting to the ongoing developments, on Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the expulsion of USA charge d'affaires Todd Robinson and deputy head of mission Brian Naranjo and declared both of them "persona non grata".

Vice President Mike Pence also tore into the Maduro regime on Monday, declaring in a statement that the United States "will not sit idly by as Venezuela crumbles and the misery of their fearless people continues". On the other hand, they inflict more economic and social pain on everyday Venezuelans. "We've had enough of your conspiring".

Maduro won 68 percent of the vote, but 52 percent of voters did not cast ballots - a historic abstention rate.

However, Russia, El Salvador, Cuba and China congratulated President Maduro on his election win.

Mr. Robinson, the chargé d'affaires ordered expelled Tuesday, is a career diplomat who arrived in Caracas last December after serving as the United States ambassador to Guatemala. New cell phone policy at Pentagon Doubts grow over Trump-Kim summit MORE called the election a "sham."

The US administration also declined to recognize the election and said that it would actively consider oil sanctions on the country.

Todd Robinson was accused of trying to sabotage Venezuela's presidential election
Todd Robinson was accused of trying to sabotage Venezuela's presidential election

It also cited "major obstacles" to the Venezuelan opposition taking part, adding that "numerous reported irregularities during the election day, including vote buying, stood in the way of fair and equitable elections".

Patrick Duddy, the last USA ambassador to Venezuela, who himself was briefly expelled by Chavez in 2008, said the not alone in rejecting Maduro's election as illegitimate and harshly criticizing the government for destroying the economy.

"The Maduro regime has once again failed its people by restricting Venezuelans' rights and liberty and by preventing the free participation of opposing parties..." Maduro from power. The United States could impose sanctions on what is left of Venezuela's oil exports, but that move risks harming the already suffering Venezuelan people even more.

The European Union said it was also weighing new sanctions after the election was marred by "irregularities" and failed to meet global standards. Key players such as Russian Federation and China, which hold a large amount of Venezuelan debt, need to work with the find a solution to the humanitarian crisis, he said. "We've never seen a country as wealthy as Venezuela is ... dive into such a death spiral so quickly by such a group of individuals determined to enrich themselves at the expense of millions of people".

The bloc of countries expressed its preoccupation for the rise in Venezuelans fleeing from their country, and announced that they would have a meeting in the first fortnight of June in order to discuss potential solutions. Some nations, including the United States, have made efforts to cut off the support that has helped him stay in control.

Washington has previously slapped sanctions on the president and his senior aides, and banned USA entities from buying any more debt from Caracas or state oil company PDVSA.

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