New genes linked to intelligence | Ireland

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They say glasses make people look smarter and now there is research to back it up. Moreover, they also had 30 percent less likely chances to experience an acute depressive disorder, and had 17 percent higher chances to live longer. The people who showed more of intelligence were the ones who were 28% likely to wear glasses.

The scientists at the University of Edinburgh studied the genetic data of over 44,480 people, and found that those who were more intelligent were almost 30 per cent more likely to have genes indicating they require reading glasses.

All the volunteers were asked to submit their DNA samples, answer the questionnaires, and underwent tests created to give a measure of their general cognitive ability.

"The genetic correlations between general cognitive function and eyesight were in opposite directions depending on the reported reason for wearing glasses or contact lenses", the researchers wrote in their study, which was published on May 29.

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A genetic study found a link between poor eyesight and better cognitive function.

They also found 42 genome-wide loci linked to reaction time, 40 of which are new to science.

"This study, the largest genetic study of cognitive function, has identified many genetic differences that contribute to the heritability of thinking skills", said Gail Davies from University of Edinburgh in the UK. As per the study, those people who have a higher cognitive function have a better cardiovascular health, and reduced risk of lung cancer and better mental health.

"Now with 100 times that number of participants, and with more than 200 scientists working together, we have discovered nearly 150 genetic regions that are related to how clever people are". "We also need to study our results closely to see what they can tell us about the possibility of understanding the declines in cognitive function that happen with illness and in older age", he said. "One thing we know from these results is that good thinking skills are a part of good health overall".