New Jersey trooper stops retired officer who helped deliver him

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A traffic stop in New Jersey ended with a surprise reunion when a state trooper pulled over the police officer who delivered him as a baby 27 years earlier.

Trooper Michael Patterson explains that when he asked Matthew Bailly for his license and registration during that traffic stop in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon County, Bailly also handed him his retired Piscataway police department ID. During the initial conversation, Bailly told Patterson that he was a retired Piscataway police officer. When Patterson answered, the retired cop told him he was familiar with it. Bailly recalled a curious memory of when he was a rookie cop and delivered a baby there 27 years ago.

The stunned officer extended his hand and said: "My name is Michael Patterson, sir".

The trooper said, "My name is Michael Patterson sir. Thank you for delivering me", he said.

What did New Jersey State Police post?

Patterson and his mother recently visited Bailly and his wife to complete a reunion nearly three decades in the making.

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Bailly was pulled over for tinted windows, according to CNN. She rushed home and Bailly arrived to help. He had only been on the job four years.

Other commenters wondered if Patterson had given Bailly a ticket for the vehicle violation.

Patterson's father, Bobby Patterson, called a doctor who walked Bailly through the procedure and the future trooper was safely delivered. Their history begins on October 5, 1991, when Michael's mom couldn't get to the hospital in time.

And with baby Michael unable to wait any longer, the young officer was guided through the delivery process by the doctor, who was still on the phone line.

Trooper Patterson, Bailly, and both of their families were "ecstatic" about the reunion, officials wrote. They wanted others to hear the wonderful story, so they shared the photos with the state police. After all, as a police officer, you don't always get a chance to have a moment like this with people you once helped in your career!