E3 2018: Respawn announces Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order; Coming 2019

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Vince Zampella and Respawn Entertainment get a quick interview on the EA floor to reassure fans on their upcoming Star Wars title, named Jedi: Fallen Order.

Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order is now in development and has a tentative Holiday 2019 release date. Sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to learn more about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

We don't know much more about the game's story yet, but plenty went down in the period between Episodes III and IV that Respawn could hook us into.

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The announcement came earlier today ahead of this year's E3 expo.

Zampella revealed that you will play a Jedi and, yes, you will be able to wield the series' signature lightsaber weapon. The previously untitled game is officially dubbed Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and will hit store shelves during the holiday 2019 season. It'll arrive in holiday of 2019. Studio boss Vince Zampella tweeted that Respawn could reveal a "juicy little tidbit" on one of the developer's current three projects.

The World War II shooter got a new multiplayer trailer and some interesting but unsurprising news: It will have a Battle Royale mode. However, the title does give us some big hints as to what the game is all about and where its setting will take place. At its core, it sounds like we'll be attempting to survive and rebuild the Jedi Order but Respawn is remaining tight-lipped on what else the game is about.