Anthem Dated for February with Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Insights

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E3 2018 is finally here. The big answer came on EA's stage today: when you're at home you're on your own.

"We launched our game in November of past year and clearly we didn't get it quite right", he admitted. I don't know about you, but a Battlefield take on Battle Royale has me chomping at the bit! "And we're really excited by the way the new Battlefield is shaping up".

This time around the emphasis is on co-operation with Yarny joining forces with a new blue friend to traverse the diverse and lovely levels and overcome the many puzzles.

Moreover, EA stated that the game will not feature any loot boxes. That means BioWare can use this space to tell your story without dancing interruptions, and it can also more powerfully reflect the consequences of your decisions. "We launched our game in November of previous year, and clearly we didn't get it quite right", DICE Design Director Dennis Brannvall explained at EA Play 2018. The game will cast players as Freelancers, specialised pilots of Javelin suits. Here are the highlights from EA's press conference at E3.

For the first time in a decade, Madden is coming back to PC.

Danny Kirwan (1950 - 2018), former Fleetwood Mac guitarist
The musician appeared on five of the band's early albums, touring with the ever-changing group from 1968 to 1972. At just 17, he convinced Fleetwood Mac's producer, Mike Vernon, to watch his band Boilerhouse rehearse.

Lebron to meet with HEAT and others in free agency
This is an impossible dream given that championships are won with all star players rather than the dream that the Bulls have. He was so frustrated, it was revealed after Game 4, that he punched a whiteboard in the Cavs locker room after the game.

Verizon CEO McAdam retiring, Vestberg named successor
Vestberg, 52, joined the wireless provider a year ago and has been working on Verizon's networks, including the 4G LTE network. Vestberg made a presentation about Verizon's 5G plans in a panel discussion at the CES show in Las Vegas in January.

When it comes to new details being shared during EA Play, fans are hoping for a few things. Like Bungie, Bioware is known for their skill in gunplay, but they've also got plenty of experience crafting RPGs which might just set up Anthem to be the pre-eminent game of its type on consoles. The game is set between episodes 3&4; an era where Jedi are hunted down and all but eradicated. Be sure to keep an eye out in the future as we will have previews and interviews up for some of EA's biggest upcoming releases. The black eye it got after the Star Wars Battlefront II backlash still stings a little, no doubt.

Otherwise, the game looks spectacular. This mode has yet to be given a name. The game will be expanding with new content from the Clone Wars era, which will include characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku. The cutesy platformer is getting a sequel, and its out right now. It can, of course, be played by a single player, allowing you to pick up the other player character and run across the environment.

When it was released in 2016, the original Unravel game was a visual delight. Did the striking Sea of Solitude take your fancy?

The gameplay footage gave a short look at a typical mission.