Xi’an Famous Foods’ CEO Pays Tribute Anthony Bourdain in Touching Instagram Post

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'We thought it was unusual, ' waiter Maxime Voinson told The New York Times on Saturday. Wang writes that he was still in college and didn't even know who Bourdain was at the time. "Maybe he went out and ate somewhere else, we said". A receptionist then went to Mr. Bourdain's room, where he was found hanging in the room.

Like many, Cooper was still is shock over the death of a figure who seemed to have it all. "We have no indication that he was consuming alcohol the days before his death or changed his behavior".

Before he got into television, he worked as a chef at the NY restaurant.

Nearly three in four Americans who have a psychiatric illness when they took their own lives were not receiving treatment at the time of the death.

Reached by The Post, Bourdain's mother, Gladys, 83, a longtime Times editor, could barely speak.

"They said we'll call you back".

Ripert, Bourdain and the crew of the CNN show had travelled early last week to the medieval village of Kayserberg in northeastern France to film an episode on german shepherd food. Bourdain, she said "did much for overlooked causes and cuisines, including that of Vietnam".

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Ripert was the one who would find Bourdain hanged in his hotel bathroom the following morning. I didn't talk to him this week but all I know was he was so happy last week.

Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, said that suicides can be "contagious" - hearing about one may make others who are already at risk turn to self-harm.

Speaking to The Guardian in January 2017, Bourdain reflected on his chaotic life in the kitchens, saying he had finally "put aside my psychotic rage, after many years being bad to line cooks, abusive to waiters, bullying to dishwashers". "I was flabbergasted because he was talking about the underbelly of kitchen, which we saw when we started as junior chefs".

The latest budget cut by the Trump administration will also remove the Medicaid program, which is the major source of public funds in mental health treatment that serves more than 70 million low-income and disabled Americans. At that point, wrote Bourdain, "my nightly attempts at suicide ended".

We spoke to a few Indian chefs about the man who brought cultures together.

"I've spent such a lot of time in the developing world, I was caught in a war in Beirut, been in Liberia, the Congo, Iraq and Libya and realised how fast things can get bad, how arbitrary good fortune and cruelty and death", he said in the interview.

Fans of Anthony Bourdain have been joined by former United States president Barack Obama and UK celebrity chefs in mourning his loss.