EA Reveal New Details About Anthem And A New Trailer

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Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment.

Anthem is a new shared-world action-RPG from EA's BioWare studio where players can team up with friends as Freelancers - the bold few with the courage to leave civilization behind and explore a landscape of primeval beauty, confront the dangers you find and grow in power with every step.

EA Play has typically given fans several new trailers for their upcoming games, most notably Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 and other sports titles. Sitting there, watching the presentation felt more like watching a legitimate science fiction movie, rather than just watching someone else play a game.

EA Play 2018 Recap

EA kicked off the E3 2018 festivities yesterday by once again hosting their own event separate from E3 in Hollywood.

Following in the footsteps of two of the most popular PC games of the moment, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the new Battlefield game will include a "battle royale" mode (last man standing) on a World War II battlefield. This introduces a new co-operative mode, which ties the players together with a single strand of string. Origin Access Premier members can be the first to play the full game with unlimited access on PC starting February 15, and EA Access and Origin Access Basic members can enjoy up to 10 hours of play time as part of the Play First Trial. This year Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 will get a fully licenced Championship League, Europa League and Super Cup which means all the above tournaments will be available in every game modes such as Career Mode, Ultimate Team Mode and The Journey Mode. The biggest announcemnet for the Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 was its fully-licensed Champins League. This should come as good news for those who have issues with modern, in-game economies. Once EA Play was over, BioWare continued the conversation on social media, disclosing several other details including the fact that, at least when it first launches, Anthem won't have PvP gameplay of any kind. The game will allow players to personalize their Javelins. Are we looking at a direct competitor to Destiny 2, because if so I hope they've been paying close attention to the reception Bungie received when they released their "looter-shooter". As for the release date, the game is usually scheduled on October 19 but the developer hinted that it could be delayed. It will also be released on September 7.

Essentially gamers will be able to buy skins to customize their Javelin mechs and likely their weapons as well.

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