Eminem Fans Scared by Gunshot Sound Effects at His Bonnaroo Show

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Rap icon Eminem is being criticized by some fans and defended by others for the use of pyrotechnics during his performance at the Bonaroo Music Festival over the weekend that some concert goers thought were gunshots.

During his set, Eminem used sound effects that many fans confused for gunshots, which startled the crowd.

Many fans were also quick to point out the gunshot sound effects have been a regular aspect of Eminem's live shows and music for years.

The rapper was performing his song Kill You, off his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP, and during the track, what sounds like gunshots can be heard.

'He has used this effect - as have hundreds other artists - in his live show for over 10 years, including previous U.S. festival dates in 2018 without complaint, ' the spokesperson added.

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'@AndreaRussett @sandwahhh @macykatemusic found this on Instagram, the way everyone screams and the camera drops is terrifying, ' one user wrote and shared a video from the performance.

Following the 45-year-old rapper's performance, some fans took to social media to share their outrage.

"Eminem has ended Kill You with the gun shot effects for (at least) 6 years now and this is the first time someone ever complains", one Twitter user replied. "I hate to be the one to say it, but being someone who suffers from very mild PTSD, it was EXTREMELY irresponsible and distasteful to end songs w the shot gun sound effect", tweeted social media star Andrea Russett.

"Had to leave Eminem set after 3rd gunshot at @Bonnaroo cuz panic was setting in my section (front pit)".

The sound effects were particularly tone-deaf considering that concert-goers are already on edge following the horrific mass shooting at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas last October.