E3 2018: The Elder Scrolls Blades Announced

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We want to hear from you on what you think about The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Bethesda's event also saw a Doom sequel unveiled.

"Fallout 76" will be, according to Bethesda's Todd Howard, an always-online multiplayer RPG that you can play solo.

A new mobile game titled Elder Scrolls Blades was announced, promising a "pure Elder Scrolls game" with "console-quality graphics" on smartphones. Holding Tamriel in your grasp is a compelling prospect in of itself, but Blades' announcement carries greater weight still, and stands as a vanguard for a quite promising new future for Bethesda mobile titles. On being asked about the Modding situation for TES games, Hines quoted "People can continue to do whatever the hell they want, have fun, it's modding, play with what you want, create what you want, go nuts" in an interview with Tek Syndicate at last year's PAX West. The game like its predecessor is set in a world that has lost 80 percent of its population to an asteroid strike. We can see in the teaser that the land is near the ocean and has the tall mountains and ruins of High Rock.

One of the most surprising announcements, however, was for an entirely new IP named 'Starfield': what Bethesda director Todd Howard called "our next-generation, single-player epic".

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More intriguingly, Fallout 76 will be primarily online, a first in the series. Bethesda says the world of Fallout 76 will be four times larger than Fallout 4 giving you lots of space to build your settlement and launch attacks on your fellow survivors. Bethesda didn't have much to show us on this front, but The Elder Scrolls VI was announced, albeit with a short 36-second trailer showing off the setting. Additionally, the Sims-esque management game Fallout Shelter is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Prey: Mooncrash adds new game modes, including a semi-roguelike mode that randomizes enemy encounters, hazards, and equipment on every playthrough. Titled "Mooncrash", the expansion is set on the moon where you play as a hacker named Peter. Starfield is the first new franchise to Bethesda Softworks for, neither more nor less, 25 years, because the wait is clearly worth it.

Players will be able to experience the title in either portrait or landscape orientation on their smartphones, and gameplay will be split into three main areas. There will be persistent leveling, and players can join their friends to hunt down rare monsters or just to be jerks to one another.

Typhon Hunter will be a free update for owners of the Mooncrash DLC, which is out now.

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