Half of Americans back Trump's handling of North Korea

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The US hopes to see "major disarmament" by North Korea by the end of 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says.

Pompeo, traveling in Seoul after two days in Singapore for President Donald Trump's historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, declined to offer further clarity on a timetable for Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear program, a step Trump said this week that he believes North Korea is willing to negotiate towards.

Despite tough USA talk before the summit about "complete" and "verifiable" denuclearization, the vaguely worded 1 1/2-page document Trump and Kim signed doesn't include that language and essentially represents "tacit approval" of North Korea's nuclear program, said Jeffery Lewis, director of the East Asia Non-Proliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey, California.

Pompeo said the brief, four-point joint statement that emerged from the summit did not encapsulate all the progress the US and North Korea had made.

When asked why the words "verifiable" and "irreversible" weren't included in the statement - words that form part of a State Department policy of "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization", or CVID, before lifting sanctions on North Korea - Pompeo said, "I find that question insulting and ridiculous and frankly ludicrous".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo walks with Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander of U.S. Forces Korea, as he arrives at Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, on Wednesday.

During the summit in Singapore on Tuesday, Kim said there are possibilities for him to meet with Abe, according to the source.

"The United States is our ally, so the joint military drills are still necessary to maintain our relationship with the USA", said Lee Jae Sung, from Incheon. "But as an example, if Vladimir Putin were sitting next to me at a table instead of one of the others, and we were having dinner the other night in Canada, I could say 'Would you do me a favor?"

The five South Korean women arrested for causing trouble in Orchard Road during the Trump-Kim summit have been repatriated, said the police.

Donald Trump says North Korea no longer a nuclear threat: ‘sleep well!’

But he said that was no longer the case, and everyone can "sleep well tonight".

The president praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a Wednesday interview, calling the head of the totalitarian regime a "smart guy" and a "great negotiator". The mercurial USA president took an initial liking to the North Korean despot at the landmark Singapore summit, but touch and feel will not verify the complex task of denuclearizing the totalitarian state, in whole or in part.

Most of all, I think they feel relief - relief they would not have felt, and certainly not to the same degree, if the Democrats hadn't drummed up hysteria about an impending war with North Korea.

The latest example concerns North Korea.

Donald Trump left this week's summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un having granted a huge last-minute concession: promising to stop what he called "war games" with South Korea.

Critics said the unprecedented encounter between Kim and Trump was more style than substance, producing a document short on specifics about the key issue of Pyongyang's atomic weapons.

Trump's claim that North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat is questionable considering Pyongyang's significant weapons arsenal.

He told reporters that "one should heavily discount some things that are written in other places - including from some of your colleagues!" He said that Trump "made it very clear" that the suspension would only last while "good faith negotiations" continued. The next scheduled major exercise, involving tens of thousands of troops, normally is held in August. "He's an incredible guy", Trump said.

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