NCAA passes reform that allows athletes to transfer without permission

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"Coaches will appreciate the additional flexibility and ability to give younger players an opportunity to participate in limited competition".

Alabama coach Nick Saban had been one of the proponents of this policy, which allows young players to gain valuable in-game experience while providing an added insurance policy for injuries that occur throughout the season.

The second, football players can participate in as many as four games without it counting toward the four seasons allowed in five years, effective immediately for the 2018-19 season. Beginning this season, athletes can play up to four games without losing a year of eligibility, a boon to incoming freshmen or those who get hurt during the season.

No longer will you be unable to see a player on your favorite college football team play in a game because he's redshirting. The new redshirt rule takes effect this season.

Even with the new rule, conferences could still restrict athletes from transferring within the league. This is great for student-athletes. I'm all for the change.

"I think it makes a lot of sense". The NCAA notes, however, that conferences can enact rules that are more restrictive than the national rule. Golfers, tennis players and other athletes in traditionally nonrevenue sports can transfer one time without sitting out.

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When the NCAA was considering the matter, University of Richmond coach Russ Huesman said a redshirt rule modification would be "unbelievable, especially at our level, with our numbers".

Student athletes at the Division I level now have five years to play up to four seasons. Once the name is in the database, other coaches can contact that student.

Early playing time won't be kept just to the above group, of course, as the rest of the signees arrive soon, and the days of a player working his way into near playing status without playing due to outdated rules are over, meaning many first-year players could get some run this fall.

The previous system required student-athletes wishing to transfer to get permission from their current school before contacting another school, and receiving a post-transfer scholarship offer.

In recent years, a number of high profile cases became public where a coach and school attempted to block an athlete from transferring to a rival program or one in the same conference it competed in.

"This creates a safe place for student-athletes to have a conversation with their coaches and makes the whole process more transparent", former Coastal Carolina football player Nicholas Clark said in a release.