Explore Dr Boom’s lab in the next Hearthstone expansion - The Boomsday Project

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The official announcement video for the next Hearthstone expansion revealed The Boomsday Project release date of August 7, which means that the 135 new Hearthstone cards will be added to the game in less than a month.

Players can also embark on Projects, which are new spell cards with powerful effects, but ones that help both players. Finally, we're getting Legendary spells for the first time. The "Magnetic" ability, for instance, allows you to bolt one card onto another card for a boost of power.

The next expansion, called the Boomsday Project, is focused on science, and tons of mechs. As they say, if you wanna play, you gotta pay. Battlecry: If you have 10 Mana Crystals, gain +10 Attack.

To top it all off, the evil doctor himself was teased as a Warrior Hero Card.

As per the intro, special Mech minions are able to combine their attack, health, and abilities to "construct fearsome amalgamated automatons".

Oddly, Blizzard has yet to make a big, official announcement for The Boomsday Project, but they did quietly release an unlisted reveal video.

You read that right: draw your whole deck.

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Each of the nine new Legendary Spells will represent one of the nine Classes.

A few other cards were shown, including a Shaman minion which doubles the effect of the next spell you'll play, and will unfortunately slot quite well into the hated Shudderwock deck.

Hmmm, we wonder what this Hero card does. And they'll tremble before the bad power of Omega cards, which give incredible rewards when played at 10 mana crystals!

Excited for more reveals? More details on Mecha-Jaraxxus are expected soon, but players can pick him up by pre-ordering the Boomsday Project Mega Bundle, which comes with 80 card packs, along with a random golden legendary, and the Mecha Jaraxxus card back.

There were some additional changes to existing cards that went live with today's patch, mostly regarding tribal types.

Information in this press release that involves Blizzard Entertainment's expectations, plans, intentions or strategies regarding the future, including statements about the pricing, pre-purchase, release dates, features, and functionality of The Boomsday Project and the release dates, features and functionality of The Puzzle Lab, are forward-looking statements that are not facts and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Witchwood Piper is now a Demon (a possible slight nerf to Warlocks), and North Sea Kraken and Jungle Moonkin are now considered Beasts.