Get Spotify as your alarm with Google Clock

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Once this feature becomes available on your device, you'll notice a Spotify tab under the alarm sound menu.

Whats interesting is that Google chose to release Spotify integration before its own Google Play or YouTube Music streaming services. However, it is important to have the latest version of both the apps including Spotify and Google clock to use the functionality on the smartphone. If your struggles are down to motivation, Google has something that can fit the bill for you. Within the Spotify section, people can choose from the music they've recently played with the app.

Cook dismissed the idea that Apple has to steal users from Spotify (which has 83 million paid subscribers) to compete, instead suggesting that the streaming music ecosystem still has room to grow.

It's being rolled out for devices on Android 5.0 or above this week, so you'll be able to use it by Sunday at the latest. Better yet, both Spotify Free and Premium users can take advantage of this new feature.

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On the Spotify option, users can select music from a variety of pre-made morning themed Spotify playlists or pick music that they have listened to on Spotify.

Google is rolling out a new feature to enable users to connect music streaming service Spotify to the Google Clock app and wake up to their favourite playlists and songs.

How do Spotify music alarms work?

Once your alarm goes off, Google says you'll also have the option to "continue listening to Spotify throughout your day". Google has now confirmed that it's going to make feature improvements to YouTube Music every two weeks.