Surprise! No One Buys Things via Alexa

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But it doesn't appear to be working, according to a report in the Information on Monday. Currently, users who are shopping with Alexa mainly use it to stock up on home supplies.

In the meantime, the Information wrote, the vast majority of people use Alexa and other comparable devices like the Google Home to use its vast library of voice-activated skills - things like checking the weather, operating connected smart devices, and streaming media. Even these applications can be cagey since the voice-controlled systems most of the time turn simple tasks into shouting sessions.

This makes the findings are quite interesting, as it potentially shows that consumers might be embracing smart speaker technology, but still want to physically view or inspect an item before they go forward with a purchase. Alexa exclaims it has no idea, and you begin gazing deeply within the blue hue of the smart speaker's faux-mind and offer the look of a disappointed parent, or an owner whose pet has just pissed on the kitchen floor. 90% of the users didn't try it again, whereas the other 18% used the gadget to track orders that were made on other devices and find new deals. After enabled, users will get a notification about an updated answer on the device they use with the AI when the new response is available.

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One of the sources stated that it is simply the matter of finding a way out of boosting people to continue purchasing via Alexa through data analysis, after which they could flourish the market quickly.

Not one to leave loose ends untied is Amazon, which is rolling out a feature called Answer Update on Alexa devices this week, spotted by Voicebox. The introduction of Amazon Alexa helps us find this balance, - said the President Seat Luca de MEO. It's a neat feature that makes the assistant more useful.