Saudi Airlines suspends all flights to and from Canada amid growing dispute

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This included a Tweet suggesting a 9/11-style attack on Toronto.

Triggered by Ottawa's comments expressing concern over the arrests of activists in Saudi Arabia, the dispute shows no sign of end with the Kingdom announcing one action after another to escalate the row between the two USA allies. The person likely behind this is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the future leader. The Canadian foreign ministry said it was "gravely concerned" about the advocates being detained without cause. Hariri later rescinded the resignation, widely believed to be orchestrated by Riyadh, and returned to Beirut.

In an earlier response to Freeland's tweet, the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia issued a statement ordering Canadian Ambassador Dennis Horak to leave the country within 24 hours. It wasn't immediately clear if he was in the kingdom. Last year, the kingdom also recalled its ambassador to Germany following a testy exchange with that country's foreign affairs minister over Saudi Arabia's military presence in Yemen.

A Reuters report, quoting a State Department official, said the U.S. has urged the Saudis to respect due process, in the first comments by Washington since the dispute erupted between Riyadh and Ottawa over the arrest of rights campaigners. He contends that the Saudis are making an example of Canada, and showing other Western nations that it is unacceptable to criticize the country's domestic policy.

Ms Badawi was given the US International Women of Courage Award in 2012 and is known for challenging Saudi Arabia's male guardianship system.

But Canada has stood firm, with Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland insisting it would defend human rights around the world. Canadian diplomats took to Twitter to demand women's rights activists in detention be released.

He has introduced a raft of headline-grabbing reforms, such as lifting the ban on women being allowed to drive. Women still need a male guardian's permission to travel overseas and to marry.

According to Reuters, Saudi-Canadian trade consists largely of Saudi exports of petrochemicals, plastics and other products. Gabriel also made remarks that were seen as critical of the Saudi war in Yemen.

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'The kingdom announces that it is recalling its ambassador to Canada for consultation.

"Saudi Arabia is shooting itself in the foot". But the social media feud actually stems from a real life fight between the two countries.

When hijackers flew planes into the twin World Trade Centre towers in NY and the Pentagon, a total of 2,977 people were killed.

Though the image was deleted, screenshots of the tweet were quickly shared. Screenshots last forever, though.

Saudi state airline Saudia said it was suspending flights to and from Toronto, Canada's largest city. Saudi Arabia supplies oil to the Irving refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick. Investors are skeptical, given rash actions like these toward Canada.

Vice Provost Patti McDougall said in an interview Tuesday only nine students from the kingdom are registered for classes in 2018-19, but they suspect the number who were planning to return was much higher.

With diplomatic tensions between Canada and Saudi Arabia boiling over, Canada's universities are scrambling to figure out what will happen to thousands of students who could be affected.