This year's last solar eclipse in Asia and northern Europe on Saturday

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Here, the Moon's shadow will only be able to block out one part of the Sun, which will create a partial eclipse.

A solar eclipse or Surya Grahan is going to occur today when the moon will obstruct the way between the sun and the earth.

This weekend's solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse of the sun, not the spectacular total solar eclipse that thrilled millions previous year.

This weekend's solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse of the sun, not the spectacular total solar eclipse that thrilled millions past year.

The August 11 partial eclipse will be visible in many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, although not in the US. The peak of the eclipse will be around 11:46am CEST, ending around 1:30pm CEST.

This solar eclipse's view will differ from location to location.

When seeing an eclipse, you should always use approved filters or use an indirect method of seeing it. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the moon and the sun, causing the moon to be covered by Earth's shadow and fade away.

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Last solar eclipse of 2018 will start at 01:02 pm PST while, it will end at 04:21 pm PST. Many people belive that this hour of Solar eclipse should be utilized to medidate. On this occasion, the total duration of the eclipse is expected to add up to 3 hours and 30 minutes. And flanking that lunar eclipse (two weeks before, and now two weeks after) are two partial eclipses of the sun.

Other parts of the world that will have views of the partial solar eclipse, albeit a much smaller version of it, include Harbin, China, Nuuk, Greenland and Seoul, South Korea.

According to experts, homemade glasses or normal sunglasses are not safe to watch the partial eclipse.

Stargazers will need special eclipse glasses to get the best viewing experience and to protect your eyes.

According to the American Astrological Society (AAS), partial solar eclipses can be very unsafe to look at with the naked eye. Also, it turns dark during a solar eclipse as the Sun gets blocked.