Gmail app rolls out 'Confidential Mode' and self-destructing messages

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One new feature just went live as Google has turned on their confidential mode for Gmail.

Gmail's confidential mode is an interesting feature for email that provides low-level protection for your messages.

The feature is enabled when you click the button for a new email. The feature restricts recipients from downloading, forwarding, printing, or copying anything in the email if the sender sets it up that way.

Implementing confidential mode is a fairly easy process that's similar across both Android and iOS. Once the email is sent, the self-destruct timer can not be changed. Recipients can confirm their identities with a passcode via text message.

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While confidential mode is undoubtedly a more secure way to send sensitive information such as a photo of your driver's license or private documents, Google can't stop a recipient from simply taking a screenshot of their screen once they open the email.

With the new add-on installed, users can add a file to an email message by directly linking to a folder or a file stored in Dropbox.

Users can view instructions for sending confidential messages, revoking access early, and opening emails sent with confidential message at a Google support page. But Gmail users today can use the new update to protect their messages instead of following in the grumpy footsteps of the cartoon cop.

The Confidential Mode allows the senders to put a time stamp on their emails, like a countdown, after which the email disappears from the recipients' accounts. Another minor downside might be if you don't check your email a lot, and then the message expires before you've seen it.