"Battlefield 5" Battle Royale first look

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Gamescom 2018 in Europe may still be a few days away, but EA DICE is giving Battlefield fans something to cheer about early.

The trailer shows the brilliant in-game environments, as well as the physics on the updated Frostbine engine.

When EA and Dice announced Battlefield V, it did so around the time that popular Battle Royale games were dominating the hearts of gamers. We could be looking at the start of EA's big awareness and marketing push for Battlefield 5, which hasn't really been present thus far. After almost two decades as a pioneer for our company and industry, he will begin a new chapter later this year.

Battlefield V will see the return of War Stories, the short, self-contained vignettes that will focus on World War II this time around. Should that not occur, though, players won't have to wait much longer to get a better idea of how the mode will handle, as an open beta will go live next month. The trailer features thrilling, never before seen gameplay footage of the new Rotterdam map, which immerses players in a battle fought throughout the streets of Holland, where the Germans attempted to seize the Dutch city. As the architecture crumbles and gives way, torn by the devastation of close quarters combat, truly no battle in Battlefield V will ever be the same.

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Well, damn. Now that's what you call a Battlefield trailer! There is a single option that plays to progress so there would be no microtransactions.

But the war will also be played in the shops. And judging from the end of the trailer, the battle royale mode will contain all of that bloody chaos with a literal wall of fire.

Battlefield 5 is set to release on October 19, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.