Google's Titan 2FA Hardware Security Keys Now Available For Purchase

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Google's physical security fob has officially been unveiled for consumer sales in the U.S., with the Titan Security Key now on sale for $50USD from the Google Store - at least in the US.

Titan Security Key bundles include one USB security key and one Bluetooth security key as well as a USB-C to USB-A adapter, a USB-C to USB-A connecting cable and a quick start guide. The key was only previously available to Google Cloud customers but now anyone looking to better safeguard their accounts and devices can purchase one directly from the company. The security key is based on standards set by the FIDO Alliance, which gives out specifications and certifications for other companies to follow to add an additional layer of security.

You can use each key with nearly any modern browser and mobile device, and a range of websites beyond Google support the key for login, like Dropbox, Facebook, Salesforce, Stripe and Twitter.

These security keys are a stronger form of protection for your accounts.

The Titan keys are available to U.S. buyers only for the time being, but it's coming soon to additional regions.

Why do you need a security key?

Pick a key from any of the big names mentioned here and you should be just fine. The most important thing may be to bring people into Google's Advanced Protection Program that offers services like notifying you if your password has shown up in online dumps by hackers selling info or just causing chaos. Because Google refers to this key as a "two-step verification" solution, not a 2FA solution.

Titan hardware is also built to be secure-Google designed the devices around a secure element hardware chip that contains all the necessary firmware for it to function, and all of that information is sealed in during the manufacturing process, as opposed to being installed afterward.

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With 2FA, you use two mechanisms to authenticate your user account.

A Feitian employee confirmed working with Google on Titan.

Google says it has successfully fought off phishers using security keys - a security key won't work to log you in to a fake site.

Using a security key involves registering the device with the online account you want to protect.

Whether Titan security keys will truly change the 2FA game remains to be seen.

Android users can log in to an existing or new device by opening the Settings app, logging in on the Account page, and then following the options to use the Bluetooth-enabled key to sign in wirelessly.

But while they provide near-impermeable security, these keys - like every other on the market - are fiddly and inconvenient. The second is key-shaped and is meant to be kept in a safe place.