[H]ardOCP: California Lawmakers Pass Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law

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In the latest effort by California lawmakers to drive national policy and rebuff President Donald Trump, lawmakers approved one of the nation's most aggressive efforts to revive regulations repealed previous year by the Federal Communications Commission. Jerry Brown's desk in hopes that a signature will restore consumer protections that the Federal Communications Commission revoked in December.

It shares that definition with the latest version of Senate Bill 838, which is authored by state Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat who wrote the bill reports NBC.

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After SB 822 passed California's state Assembly yesterday, it just needed (re) approval from the Senate before going in front of the governor to be signed into law.

Almost nine months after federal regulators voted to do away with net neutrality rules instituted under the Obama administration, state lawmakers are on the verge of bringing them back to California. Governor Brown has not yet indicated whether or not he will sign the bill.

The California Legislature has approved a measure allowing higher electricity bills to pay off lawsuits stemming from last year's deadly wildfires. Also banned is zero-rating, or when ISPs offer free data, but only for the use of specific apps or services, in turn favoring certain companies over others.

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Before SB 822's passage, net neutrality advocates spotted robocalls being made to senior citizens to try and convince them to speak up against internet protections like the ones in the bill.

Assembly Bill 2658, authored by the body's Majority Leader Ian Calderon, D-Whittier, cleared the Assembly on August 27 and is headed to the governor.

Organizations that oppose the bill argue that it only addresses one type of diversity and could be a violation of the state or federal constitution if, say, a company has to turn down a male candidate or swap out a male board member for a female one.

But the current FCC, led by Republican Chairman Ajit Pai, repealed those regulations in June, with Pai calling them "heavy-handed". They are sponsored by Common Sense Kids Action and have support from the Consumer Federation of America, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, among others.

"I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to protect Californians everywhere, who deserve equal and open to access to this modern day necessity", Mr. Wiener said in a statement.

The bill, Calderon's office said in a fact sheet, defines blockchain technology for the first time, "which will provide businesses and industry greater certainty regarding the technology's legal standing".