House Speaker Ryan doesn't dispute Puerto Rico death toll

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Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora said Thursday that it was "disrespectful" for President Trump to refute an official report that raised the Puerto Rico death toll from last year's Hurricane Maria to almost 3,000 people while claiming that Democrats inflated the count. Last month, it acknowledged in a document filed to Congress that the death toll from Maria was much higher than the official total.

Earlier this week, Trump called the response to Hurricane Maria an "unsung success". This is about a country that really suffered, we still. you see the hurricanes forming now. I hate that people that make it a political issue. That is only an estimate, however, since they did not study how each individual died, although they hope to conduct that study in the future.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is running for the U.S. Senate in a state where many Puerto Ricans moved after the devastating hurricanes tweeted that he disagrees with the Trump and that "an independent study said thousands were lost and Gov. Rosselló agreed". A spokesman for former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, who won the Florida GOP primary for governor with Trump's support, said the congressman did not agree with Trump's tweets.

Noah also cited the report, but did a take on a new "sh***storm Trump", and had mock stand-ups from various weatherpeople and newspeople, who treated the President as though he were a storm threatening the US. When Trump finally visited the ravaged island, he left a lasting image by tossing paper towels at survivors as if they were trained seals.

Researchers at George Washington University determined last month that Hurricane Maria alone resulted in 2,975 "excess deaths" in Puerto Rico.

It's not the first time Mr Trump and Ms Cruz have exchanged taunts on social media, with the San Juan leader having been critical of slow pace of the relief effort by federal authorities at the time of the category-four hurricane.

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An analysis of the Puerto Rico death toll by Washington Post political correspondent Philip Bump slammed the Trump denials as "grotesque", and "obviously untrue".

Bahamonde said FEMA chose to move the bottled water to the runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, and make them available on a government contract in January, as demand for the water from the Puerto Rican government decreased.

A report earlier this month by the Government Accountability Office described the government as "down to the bottom of the barrel" in staffing by the time Maria hit Puerto Rico, citing a series of other hurricanes and catastrophic wildfires a year ago that overwhelmed federal disaster responders.

The mayor of Puerto Rico's capital says Trump is "delusional, paranoid, and unhinged from any sense of reality".

Cora, who spends time in Puerto Rico in the offseason, said many people on the island are still struggling, but he's encouraged by the progress being made every day.