Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Spotted at Marriage License Courthouse in NYC

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Hailey recently revealed to the told The Cut that her parents Stephan and Kennya Baldwin, approve of her decision to get married at 21-years-old.

TMZ had reported on Thursday that the two were spotted that day at the marriage bureau and that Bieber was crying and said to Baldwin, "I can't wait to marry you, baby". "And they didn't. I think they love him more than me!" "When you know it's right, it's right".

Recent reports said the couple are planning their wedding for next year, but perhaps they have made it official in court before celebrating with an OTT ceremony. Can t wait for the best season of life yet!.

Seems like the emotional readiness of the couple got them excited and motivated to explore the next steps sooner than expected!

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And while we were still getting over this lovey-dovey couple's sudden engagement, there came a picture which reportedly confirms that the two have tied the nuptial knot.

Are they having a destination wedding, maybe?

There were also reports that the court official was actually a judge which can mean that they got married, but as of right now, there's still no confirmation.

According to a source at The Cut, Hailey sees "no reason to wait".