Your Twitter Feed Can Be a Chronological Timeline Again

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You will also be able to easily switch to the algorithmic timeline that shows tweets that are "most relevant for you".

Until that new toggle runs through, Twitter has tweaked the "Show the best Tweets first" toggle.

On Twitter specifically which people use to get current events, this move has always been jarring and made the experience worse to be honest.

Many of those on Twitter have welcomed the news.

"So, we´re working on providing you with an easily accessible way to switch between a timeline of tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest tweets".

Then, because tweets from certain followers didn't get prominent placing, you were less likely to interact with their tweets-and even more unlikely to see their tweets moving forward.

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Unfortunately, lists seem to be too much work for many users, or beyond their understanding, so Twitter has more or less abandoned them.

Twitter annoyed a lot of long-term users when it switched from its original, chronological timeline to a view that promoted "relevant" tweets.

Twitter is making changes to allow users to switch back to a chronological timeline, two years after replacing it with an algorithm-generated feed of the "best" tweets. Prior to the update, unchecking the "Show the best tweets first" option meant that in addition to reverse chronological tweets, "you'd also see "In case you missed it" and recommended Tweets from people you don't follow". Now if you disable the "Show the best Tweets first". your most recent tweets will only be from people you follow.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and just about every other social network started out with chronological timelines. The internet has collectively been begging Twitter to return to their old timeline method, and it looks like they were heard. In 2015, Twitter launched a "while you were away" recap to highlight tweets they might have missed.

Twitter began showing you Tweets from accounts it thought you might find interesting as well as tweets that those "interesting" accounts found interesting back in 2016, mixing them up with the tweets you actually wanted to see.