North Korea Pledges To Close Nuclear Missile Site

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"The peace treaty will be fulfilled as the final step of complete denuclearization".

The two countries also agreed to engage "in constant communication and close consultations" to review the implementation of the previously signed Panmunjom Declaration "and prevent accidental military clashes by promptly activating the Inter-Korean Joint Military Committee".

Washington has demanded concrete action, such as a full disclosure of North Korea's nuclear and missile facilities, before agreeing to Pyongyang's key goals, including an easing of worldwide sanctions and an official end to the Korean War.

But overseas historians say Kim Jong Il was born in the Soviet Union, where his father was in exile.

Both countries' defense chiefs also signed a 17-page accord in which the two countries vowed to "cease all hostile acts against each other". "Prior to becoming president, it looked like we were going to war with North Korea, and now we have a lot of progress", Mr. Trump said. Tens of thousands of Pyongyang citizens lined the streets, again dressed in colorful national costumes, waving flowers and peninsula flags and North Korean flags high in the air.

Speaking at a joint news conference in Pyongyang, the two Korean leaders agreed to turn the Korean Peninsula into a "land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats".

A copy of an article of the North's official newspaper Rodong Sinmun dated December 26, 1980 calls Mount Paektu a "sacred mountain of revolution" spearheaded by Kim Il Sung "in the flames of the arduous 20-year anti-Japan struggle".

The United States is ready to restart negotiations with North Korea "immediately", US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday (Sept 19), with the aim of completing North Korea's denuclearisation by January 2021.

Analysts say the ball is now in Washington's court.

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The joint statement from the summit stipulates Kim's commitment to a "verifiable, irreversible dismantlement" of the nuclear programmes, and ending the war would be a first USA reciprocal step, Moon said. Pompeo had been expected to meet with North Korean officials last month.

Shortly after the announcement, Trump called Wednesday's developments "very exciting" on Twitter.

The January 2021 completion date was the most specific deadline set in what is expected to be a long process of trying to get the North to end its nuclear program, which may threaten United States allies South Korea and Japan as well as the USA homeland.

After the summit, Moon said he will pass along Kim's messages for the USA and the Trump administration.

While critics said the Pyongyang Declaration lacked substantial demands for the North, Moon said he and Kim had extensively discussed measures the North would take toward denuclearization that were not included in the statement.

"Chairman Kim and I share the history of having held hands like lovers and crossed the Military Demarcation Line together twice", Moon said during a toast at a banquet Tuesday evening.

It was the third meeting between the two Korean leaders, and the first to take place outside of the demilitarized zone. South Korea and the United States remain technically at war with North Korea because the 1950-53 Korean War ended in an armistice and not a peace treaty.

While a formal peace regime officially ending the Korean War would need buy in from the U.S. and China - the other participants in the conflict - experts agree that there is nothing to stop the two Koreas declaring an end to the war themselves, or signing a bilateral peace treaty. Such a declaration would be the first step toward a formal peace treaty, but many in the United States are anxious that it could result in Kim pushing for the removal of USA troops stationed in South Korea to deter the North.