Adobe announces Photoshop for iPad and Project Gemini, a drawing app

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An expanded Content-Aware Fill workspace in Photoshop CC that offers greater precision and control to save editors valuable time when working with their images.

Adobe's plans for Rush were to create something that allows creators to do exactly that, create, no matter where they are and with an ease of use that the aforementioned iMovie apps have long afforded.

Premiere Rush CC supports cloud sync so you can work on the same project on an iPhone or an iPad and continue on a Mac.

Photoshop CC for iPad is being unveiled at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles Monday morning.

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"We're thrilled to announce that Project Rush, a brand-new video app that we previewed earlier this summer, is available for immediate download with a new yet familiar name", the Adobe announcement notes.

In its news release, Adobe said that Photoshop for the iPad has been redesigned for a touch experience, implying that users will be able to use gestures to manipulate their images. Premiere Rush CC is its latest all-in-one video and audio editing app built from ground up for social video creators.The beauty about Premiere Rush CC is that it's cross device, intuitive and simple to use even if you're not an expert in video, colour or audio editing.

Video editing is one of the heaviest tasks that a device can perform. Knowing full well that majority of video creation these days ends up on YouTube or Facebook or both, Adobe has spun off a tool from its famous Premiere video editing software to cater especially to this social and instant generation. Debut Rush CC likewise accompanies worked in access to Motion Graphics formats in Adobe Stock. The first release will contain the main tools while Adobe plans to add more in the future. Created to help social media creators simplify video creation and sharing them on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, it offers one-click auto-duck feature to adjust music and normalize sound. Project Gemini is launching on iPad in 2019, according to Adobe.

What's more, if you've done all you can with a piece within Premiere Rush, it's easy to then transfer that project to Premiere Pro to put on the final touches. The monthly price for an individual for the Premiere Rush subscription is $9.99, while the Premiere Pro subscription is $20.99 per month.