The new Palm phone is exclusive to Verizon and costs $350

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'There's a time to lean into our devices and a time to lean into the world, ' Palm said.

But as the vicious cycle of new becomes old, and old becomes new again proves, these legacy brands never truly die - especially when there's money to be made. The company is now entering the U.S. smartphone market under the "PALM" brand that it acquired from HP. What that means is that it's required to be connected to your smartphone - either Android, or iOS - to function.

The miniature Palm handset has been priced at $350 (roughly Rs. 25,800) and will be sold starting November exclusively via Verizon Wireless in the USA, positioned as a companion to your primary smartphone. As a second iPhone or one for your grandparents or child in grade school, one of these iPhones is just fine.

In the age of Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max, Palm phone is undoubtedly a vivid addition to the latest tech lineup. Well, in a day and age when more and more OEMs are launching phones with bigger screens (albeit with relatively smaller footprints), Palm has launched a new phone that fits easily in your... well... palm. Oh, and it also has Basketball superstar Stephen Curry on call as the phone's brand ambassador. It is not the Palm of the yore, in case you were getting excited much, and no, Palm OS isn't coming back either.

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Elsewhere there's Gorilla Glass 3, 32GB storage, 3GB RAM, IP68 water and dust protection, 12 and 8MP rear and front cameras respectively and, despite the act it's intended as a respite from your daily phone hell, access to all the Android apps you've come to expect. Essentially, it's a super bare-bones smartphone that's meant to accommodate your existing device and make you less tempted to use it over, say, spending time with your family or interacting with others at events.

There's absolutely no marquee feature this tiny Palm has to offer. Using the speed and connectivity of Snapdragon 435, Palm has a unique feature called Life Mode, which allows you to talk, text, and receive emails and notifications on your own terms. All notifications are turned off and incoming phone calls are denied. The Palm, on the other hand, just is less phone and for a smaller price.

And beyond that, there's the whole battery thing to deal with: there's a sealed 800mAh battery tucked away inside, which Palm claims will last about 8 hours on a single charge. The start-up behind the minute mobile bought the rights to use the Palm name from HTC previous year, reports the BBC.

Palm works on the basis of a full-fledged Android 8.1 Oreo, but on top of it, there is a special launcher with the main screen in the style of the Apple Watch.