Brexit deal is 95 done, Theresa May will tell MPs

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EU negotiators, diplomats say, would play along with language to help May deny that it's a customs union - but she would have a lot of explaining to do on such a deal. Under party rules May needs to win the support of just over half - 158 - to win a vote of no confidence, but many believe that she may not be able to continue as prime minister if more than 100 MPs were to vote against her.

Theresa May says that a Brexit deal is 95 per cent agreed.

Currently, every European Union state switches to summertime on the last Sunday of March and then back to winter time on the last Sunday of October, but Brussels is proposing to end this practice.

As a result, worldwide data-sharing post-Brexit depends entirely on the EC making an adequacy decision on allowing the free flow of personal data to the UK.

"And the repeated claim that the agreement is 80 per cent or 90 per cent complete ignores that the remaining part is the hard bit", he said in the Sunday Times.

The reports said: "Government's assumption that the risks will not change materially on day one is reasonable in the short term but organised criminals and others are likely to be quick to exploit any perceived weaknesses or gaps in the enforcement regime".

It added: "Border management is fundamentally important to national security, effective trade, tourism, well-managed migration, healthy communities and the environment".

Director General Alexandre de Juniac said failure to put measures in place "could mean chaos for travellers and interrupted supply chains".

The longer implementation when the United Kingdom is still in the EU single market and customs union, but without a vote, would also help businesses adjust to Brexit, Mrs May claimed.

"A backstop contingency plan to keep planes flying after March must be published, and quickly", he said.

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"[.] Britain is drawing up plans to charter ships to bring in emergency food and medicines in the event of a "no-deal" Brexit next March, in a move greeted with disbelief at a stormy meeting of cabinet on today".

But it would require a separate treaty to the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Former Minister Caroline Flint said opposing any withdrawal agreement would risk handing a no deal exit to the likes of Boris Johnson, as she described Labour's six tests for deciding how to vote as "disingenuous" for suggesting the United Kingdom could enjoy the "exact same benefits" of the single market.

"I think Brexit is frankly shaping up to be the biggest failure of government policy and handling of a situation that any of us have ever seen, perhaps in our entire lifetimes", Sturgeon said.

As May said in her speech, she rejects the EU proposal for Northern Ireland to remain in a customs union with the bloc, as that could make trade with the rest of Britain more hard, something that is opposed by the Pro-Brexit Northern Irish party DUP that has propped up her minority Conservative government.

Last week, May indicated she could accept extending the transition period in which the United Kingdom would remain subject to the customs union and single market beyond December 2020 in an attempt to reach a free-trade agreement that would prevent the backstop being used.

The EU has said it is open to the proposal, but the idea has infuriated May's political opponents on both sides of Britain's Brexit divide.

But pro-EU Labour MP David Lammy said: "Brexit has become like a declaration of war on ourselves".

The number of letters held by the committee chairman is not made public.