NYTimes: China Listens to Trump Cellphone Calls, Tries to Sway Policy

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The President has been loath to part with his iPhones, which he uses to tweet out his responses to the latest news.

U.S. intelligence agencies have warned Trump that Chinese spies have been eavesdropping on his calls - and exploiting the information as they negotiate an ongoing trade dispute, according to The New York Times.

Trump reportedly has two iPhones that the National Security Agency programmed for official use, but he is known to keep a third, personal phone that remains unaltered.

Other critics accused Trump of hypocrisy, given his attacks on 2016 presidential election rival Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

Authorities within the White House allegedly leaked info about Trump's iPhone use because they're frustrated by his casual approach to security. Aides just hope, according to the Times, that he isn't divulging any classified information on the calls.

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American spy agencies, the officials said, had learned that China and Russian Federation were eavesdropping on the president's cellphone calls from human sources inside foreign governments and intercepting communications between foreign officials. In what amounts to a marriage of lobbying and espionage, the Chinese have pieced together a list of the people with whom Mr. Trump regularly speaks in hopes of using them to influence the president, the officials said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a question regarding the report.

China's plan included targeting and encouraging Trump's associates to persuade the president to formally meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, one official said to The Times.

China has been listening in on Mr Trump's calls in an effort to predict his policy moves to avoid escalating a trade war, intelligence officials told the U.S. newspaper.

Apple declined to comment to the Times on the president's iPhones.