McLaren reveals 250mph Speedtail "hyper-GT"

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Just 106 will be built and all are already reserved, at a price of £1.75 million ($2.2m) plus taxes. It easily breaks the record set by McLaren F1 when it managed 243mph. It is McLaren's first hyper gran turismo, and with speeds of up to 250mph, the marque's definitive road auto. Raising the auto high enough to navigate steep driveways and speed bumps will be rather more hard. That copious length is sculpted to optimize the car's aerodynamics.

Inside is a mix of the layout of the F1 with a healthy dose of modern McLaren thrown in, with lashings of leather (it's "directional", so you can slide in but then be held in place), with the start and Velocity Mode buttons on the ceiling so you can pretend to be a fighter pilot.

At the core of the Speedtail is a carbon fiber monocoque structure, with carbon fiber also used for the body.

Only a few lucky people will ever get this view in person
Only a few lucky people will ever get this view in person

The front wheels are covered in aerodynamic shields that stay still as the wheels spin.

With that kind of speed, aero tuning was definitely a priority, and the company says every aspect of the Speedtail's design is to reduce drag and maximize top speed. This gives the material a shimmering appearance that can have a variety of colors.

The cabin exaggerates the use of exposed carbon fiber and Scandinavian-sourced leather that extends from the seating upholstery to flow down into the footwells. They're not really rear seats, but we can only imagine what the thrill ride is going to be like for these passengers. However, the auto is a product of the 1990s, and McLaren hasn't quite yet built a vehicle that has the same performance pedigree or desirability as the McLaren F1 (sorry, P1). The mode sets the hybrid drivetrain to 11, flattens the active rear ailerons and can also lower the vehicle by 35mm. The front splitter, diffuser, and side skirts are all finished in a special "titanium deposition" carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than that of previous cars. In fact, its designers were so obsessive about reducing drag that they replaced the usual sideview mirrors with low-profile retractable cameras that provide a real-time feed to screens in the cockpit. The seats are clothed in a lightweight leather that weighs 30-percent less than standard leather, and almost every function in the vehicle is controlled by touchscreen interfaces rather than buttons and switches. There are only 106 being produced - the same number of original F1s sold to the public. The custom-made driver's seat - which is said to be directly inspired by the one which sits in the Speedtail's spiritual forbear - is flanked by two touchscreens with a digital instrument panel straight ahead.

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