Early in-person voting tops 2M in North Carolina

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The county has had several absentee voters but not as many as in a presidential election year, she said. As of Friday afternoon, state numbers show returned ballots are about 96 percent of the way to the 2014 totals. According to NBC, the current turnout is looking more like a 2014 electorate than it is a 2016 electorate.

More than 16 percent of voters to date have Spanish surnames, a higher share than in any previous midterm election. The state has settled firmly into Republican-dominated territory.

New Mexico voters are picking a new governor, one US senator and deciding on two open congressional seats, as they fill a long list of statewide public offices including attorney general and secretary of state.

In Illinois, voters are deciding all statewide offices including governor, as well as several competitive congressional and other races.

If average turnout on Friday comes in at around 60,500, the county could come close to or exceed 1 million ballots cast by the end of the election. There are crossover voters, even in this hyperpartisan era. Libertarian, minor party and unaffiliated voters accounted for just over 12 percent of votes.

For the scorekeepers, though, Virginia, among the states that doesn't have party registration, is replicating its 2017 voting boom - and Democrats swept the top offices a year ago even amid strong GOP turnout.

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Voter turnout in the 2018 midterms looks set to smash records.

The last day for early voting is Saturday, Nov. 3 - it is also the last day for same-day registrations. About half of those new voters were newly registered. "There's no question about that", Smith said.

According to Whitehurst, people who want to register to vote will need to bring paperwork with their name and address on it to confirm their information.

Central College political scientist Andrew Green says that's despite a smaller window for early voting this election. Voters must be already registered to cast a ballot on Tuesday.

Though still outnumbered by more than 2 to 1 in terms of registered voters, county Democrats appear be making some strides in pushing turnout. If that held through Election Day, it would be a huge number.

The major elephant in the room here is why Democrats aren't outpacing Republicans when most polls show they have an advantage in enthusiasm over the GOP?