What Canadians need to know about Tuesday's United States midterm elections

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"I can tell you, the early voting has been really good".

It may sound hypocritical coming from a non-participator, but hear me out. "But what I say is look what he's done for the country and not always what he's said on Twitter". Pretending your schools was special based upon where your family could afford to live was, in my cynical opinion, delusional.

It will be a tempestuous two years certainly.

Even with his daily airing of grievances on Twitter and an approval rate below the average for his recent predecessors at this point, he has nearly single-handedly put Republicans in a stronger position this fall. I watched numerous TV "analysis" shows so you didn't have to, and have come to the conclusion that the outcome of Tuesday's election for control of Congress will be a nail-biter.

Slightly more than 8.6 million voters are registered. He added that committees will start to investigate various agencies and allow Democrats to zero in on concerns they have about "how big corporate interests are turning our environmental laws inside out at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department". Now I am proud of a vote I cast without any pride, and I see the difference it made.

President Trump has destroyed each of those lies.

If the last two years have been troubling and exceptional, perhaps we ain't seen nothing yet.

The 2012 Person of the Year is credited for ending the war in Iraq, taking down Bin Laden, saving the American auto industry, favoring women rights and equal pay, repealing "Don't ask, Don't tell", establishing "The Dream Act", ending the 2008 recession, and a host of others. Many controversies later, Republicans are hoping the support has not eroded. Of course they could have, they could have funded building the wall, for example.

For Democrats, the midterm elections have been a beacon in the dark, a chance to re-emerge from the political wilderness and repudiate a president they view as a unsafe force.

There's more, a lot more, to be done.

Even with the U.S. economy largely humming along, and Republican candidates desperate for Trump to highlight the gains, the president himself often prefers to rile up a crowd over immigration. Just as you can't plant a garden and never tend to it, you can't have an unbelievable economic turnaround and simply set the autopilot; it must be protected.

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Democrats painted sharp distinctions with Trump, insisting that only they will protect the health care gains made under Obama, that Trump has employed inhumane measures to keep migrants out, and that the divisiveness he has fostered must end.

What it would mean: Imagine a scenario in which Democrats lead 50-49 on Election Day in the Senate, and the eyes of the country - and the deep pockets of out-of-state money - descend on Mississippi. There's no downside to being wrong when it comes to election predictions (how many people who soiled their sheets in 2016 guaranteeing a Clinton victory are still on TV predicting a "blue wave"?), and it's mainly done from a writing standpoint as clickbait.

According to the Wesleyan Media Project, no other U.S. general election in the last decade has seen close to so many attack ads as this one.

But history suggests that in the months ahead, stocks are likely to be far higher than they are today.

US Congress holds midterm elections on Tuesday and as we get close to the Election Day, here are the expectations as forecasted by the economists and researchers of 7 major banks regarding the outcome. Take nothing for granted.

But the nonpartisan analyst notes that in two years when control of Congress changed control, the 2016 Democratic and the 2010 "Tea Party" wave, the winning party rolled up 57 per cent of the tossups and all the races leaning their way, along with 19 per cent of the seats leaning the other way, along with 9 per cent of the other side's "likely" seats. A socialist agenda, which the party now embraces, is an anchor on economic progress.

"They want to impose socialism on our country". That's why this election matters. "We're supposed to be a group of people, Americans, who are supposed to be that light in the world". But so what? What they have done is important, and it needs protecting. "They know that to win re-election they've got to win Florida and OH".

Officials in that leaky vessel called the White House are saying Trump was raging about an election ad harping on the economy and decided the only thing he wanted to do is beat the drum on immigration.

But Republicans who have been down this road before offer words of caution - be careful what you wish for.

"We can talk about the economy". Waiting in a line is a small price to pay. "And you know, if you're criticised, you have to hit back, or you should".