Chris Dawson ARRESTED Over Cold Case Murder Of Lyn Dawson

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Chris Dawson has been arrested and will be charged over the 1982 murder of his wife, Lynette Dawson.

The cold case gained worldwide attention this year due to The Australian's investigative podcast series The Teacher's Pet.

The disappearance of Lyn Dawson - a mother-of-two who vanished from Bayview in Sydney's northern beaches - has been an enduring 36-year mystery.

Ms Barnes argued that her client had a brother in NSW with whom he could live if bail was granted and said Mr Dawson was happy to check in at a local police station regularly.

NSW Police confirmed the arrest of a 70-year-old man had taken place around 8am (AEST) on Wednesday in Queensland.

"NSW detectives will apply for his extradition at his first court appearance".

Mr Dawson would be charged with murder by NSW police, and bail was opposed by Queensland police because of the seriousness of the alleged offence, the court heard.

It was additional evidence collected during the investigation period that lead to the arrest.

"Statements from witnesses helped us tie pieces of the puzzle together". We have solved homicide before without identifying the body.

Fuller said authorities have not located Dawson's body, and that finding her remains is "not crucial to finalising the matter", but maintained "we certainly won't give up on that search".

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He also described the police case as "circumstantial", as no body had been found.

It was revealed that Chris Dawson went "quietly" with police following his arrest this morning, and that no new evidence was found during the September dig at the Bayview property.

Chris Dawson returns to Sydney today for the start of what will become of Australia's most sensational court cases.

"No doubt it will be a voluminous brief with an enormous amount of evidence and there are a number of witnesses that will be called".

Homicide Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Scott Cook, praised the work of Strike Force Scriven investigators.

Dawson has always denied killing his wife, saying she abandoned the family on January 9 1982 to join a religious group.

Police allege Mr Dawson was in the process of divorce from his wife and he was having an "illicit affair".

In a statement, the Dawson family said it was disappointed.

"Its taken a long haul but its going to be a very good Christmas for our side of the family knowing that we've finally got somewhere and we're going to find out what actually happened through the court system", he told the program.

After a career playing rugby league for the Newtown Jets, Chris Dawson worked as a P.E. teacher at Cromer High School.