World's first baby born via womb transplant from dead donor

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In a world first a woman in Brazil born without a uterus has given birth to a baby girl using a dead donor's womb.

"It enables use of a much wider potential donor population, applies lower costs and avoids live donors' surgical risks".

The first live birth from a uterine transplantation using a living donor was a medical milestone in Sweden in 2014.

As if this new case study is not impressive enough, it is also the first uterine transplantation of any kind to take place in Latin America.

The Lancet reports that the mother had Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, a condition that causes the uterus and vagina to not develop properly.

Ten previous attempts using deceased donors in the Czech Republic, Turkey and the United States have failed. Last year, doctors at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas delivered the first US baby to be carried in a transplanted uterus. But all of the other successful deliveries so far have been made possible by living donors - often women who opt to donate their uterus to a close friend or family member without one.

Dr Dani Ejzenberg, a gynecologist of the University of São Paulo who worked on the paper, told Newsweek that the baby's motor and neurological skills are developing normally, and the mother hasn't experienced any complications.

Baylor has had two successful births from live donations; Cleveland Clinic is working toward deceased donations; and her own program will be performing both living and deceased donor transplants over the next year.

Five months after the transplant, Ejzenberg's team wrote, the uterus showed no signs of rejection, ultrasound scans were normal, and the recipient was having regular menstruation.

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For years researchers have been trying to help women who had been either born without uteruses or lost them for medical reasons to carry their own children. The transplant surgery took 10 hours, and the woman was given immunosuppressive medications so her body wouldn't reject the new uterus.

"There are still lots of things we don't understand about pregnancies, like how embryos implant", said Dr. Cesar Diaz, who co-authored an accompanying commentary in the journal.

The baby is the first to be delivered from a donated uterus from a dead donor.

Her baby girl was born via a caesarean section at 35 weeks and three days gestation, and transplanted uterus was removed during the c-section. However, a woman who received a live uterine transplant gave birth to a baby boy in 2017, making it a first for the U.S.

The oldest child born via uterine transplant - a boy - had just had his fourth birthday.

Two months later eight fertilised eggs were implanted into the womb. "While uterine surrogacy is legal in the USA, this offers an option, albeit an extreme and expensive one, to women who want to carry their own baby".

Before this breakthrough, women suffering from infertility due to congenital abnormalities, cancer, or other illnesses had few options aside from surrogacy or adoption.

"The Brazilian group has proven that using deceased donors is a viable option", said the clinic's Dr. Tommaso Falcone, who was involved in the OH case. A year later, doctors say the mother and child are healthy.