Burger King promotion sends customers to McDonald's - sort of

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In a ballsy bit of fast food schadenfreude, Burger King is now selling Whoppers for a penny.

That's because Burger King's new app deploys something called the Whopper Detour, which allows consumers within 600 feet of a McDonald's to order a Whopper via the BK app for just one cent - and then promptly re-routes the customer from McDonald's to the nearest Burger King.

Burger King says the app uses the Global Positioning System technology "geofencing" to determine if you are within range of a McDonald's.

As Burger King bragged in a press release, they're "turning more than 14,000 McDonald's into Burger King restaurants".

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Flashback: Burger King launched a separate promotion last week where its Twitter account tweeted out straight up gibberish, according to Business Insider.

Someone else said: "Went to McDonald's the app kept telling me the Whopper was locked, ate McDonald's unfortunately". Once they order the one-penny Whopper in the app, the app will give them directions to the nearby Burger King where they can pick their order up.

The deal starts Tuesday and runs through December 12th. It also created a mixtape blasting McDonald's, Burger King and other chains earlier this year.

Once you place your order, the app will then navigate customers away from McDonald's toward the nearest Burger King.