Apple confirms iPad Pro's slight bend but claims it's normal

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The report states that 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro users are complaining about a bright spot appearing on their screens right above the Home button.

Originally, when Zack bent his iPad Pro, claims about potential design flaws were dismissed largely because his test didn't exactly replicate a typical real-world scenario.

The Cupertino company has stated that some of the new iPad Pros might have come with a bent chassis out of the box.

Those who are annoyed by the bend shouldn't have any trouble exchanging or returning their iPad Pro at any Apple Store or other retailers.

Apple added that the bend shouldn't negatively affect the 2018 iPad Pro's performance and nor should it worsen by time. Moreover, the bend is not considered a defect.

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Apple says that the bend is due to the cooling process involving the metal and plastic components used in the new iPads.

The iPad Pro (Review) is a terrific-yet-flawed piece of machinery.

In its October event, Apple showcased its almost bezel-less iPad Pro which brings a revamped design and comes fitted with an all-powerful A12X chipset. Users have reported slight bends on both the smaller and larger-sized 2018 iPad Pros, and Apple says it's a side effect of the iPad Pro's manufacturing process. Unfortunately, that latter bit can be taken as an admission that the new iPad can't withstand the rough by much and will have its bottom-up fairly easily when pushed a bit so far as physical endurance is concerned.

Apple fans also suffered through the touchscreen error "Touch Disease", a raft of application issues, a forced U2 album on iTunes and the alleged slowing of iPhones upon new smartphone releases. That's your best option if you have purchased an iPad Pro with this issue and it bugs you. Nor should it get worse over time.