Apple iOS 12.1.2 reportedly bricking iPhones

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IPhone owners, have not had time to update iOS 12.1.2, it is recommended to wait until Apple release a stable version of the firmware, which will have such serious flaws. Last week people began complaining that their new iPad Pro tablets were being delivered bent, and now people from all over the world are saying that Apple's latest iOS 12.1.2 update is crippling their iPhones. However, the only noticeable change between the two builds was the build number. The original build number was 16C101 and the re-release is 16C104.

Earlier this week, Apple released a version of iOS that was meant only for the iPhone. The update was also supposed to address cellular connectivity issues that users in Turkey were seeing.

"My phone won't connect to cellular at all after update to 12.1.2", an affected user from North Carolina tweeted.

The change makes flawless sense considering that so many applications have in-app purchases enabled and that so many of them use a subscription-based revenue model. "Nothing happened and the problem persists", said others.

It appears there is a significant problem with iOS 12.1.2. "Thanks @Apple @AppleSupport for the Christmas present.since updating my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I can't access cellular data. No Service. You better fix this in an update soon!" one U.S. user said.

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And, according to Forbes, complaints are flooding in from all over the globe.

Apple released iOS 12.1.2 created to eliminate minor bugs in the previous release. Users in the USA seems to have been hit the hardest and have equated the update to a Christmas gift from Apple that they could have done without. This year hasn't been a good one for the company, which in the past has been known to break iPhone sales records with each new launch. Apple is heavily dependent on iPhone sales, which accounted for 59 percent of its revenue for the fourth quarter of 2018. The stock is down by about 33% since October. Users noted that the company had sent them notifications which promoted the "Carpool Karaoke" show. But that process may become a lot easier soon, as Apple is ready to support in-app purchase gifting. It's not clear how widespread this bug is, but it's undoubtedly a little more than an inconvenience for users who encounter it.

Users who don't want such notifications to disturb them again can turn off all the TV app notifications by swiping on the notification and then tapping "manage".

For Apple this is not the first last month with integrated firmware bugs associated with the work of smartphones in cellular networks. These push notifications inform users about upgrading to the latest iPhone.