Microsoft’s Windows 10 has finally overtaken decade-old Windows 7 OS

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Other market share estimators reckoned the glorious moment happened earlier a year ago - StatCounter reckoned January 2018 saw the world stumble into a Windows 10-powered future, but it took until December for NetMarketShare to agree.

Microsoft's intermediary Windows versions, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, have about 5% share.

According to Net MarketShare Windows 10's share rose to 39.22% in December, while Windows 7's fell down to 36.90%.

It's always interesting to compare the adoption rate on the Steam Hardware Survey against the adoption rate of the OS in the general population.

Be that as it may, 1809 is one of the slowest-growing Windows 10 versions ever. Yet despite the free upgrade offers and Microsoft's pushy, occasionally malware-like tactics to get people to move to its newest OS, Windows 7 retained the larger market share, mostly due to its popularity among enterprise users. The OS, first released back in 2015, now has more users than Windows 7, according to Net Market Share's latest report.

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Windows 7 Windows 7, one of the most successful Windows software, launched for PC users in 2009.

Still, Microsoft continues to tweak the update to ensure it's working and is planning more updates for 2019.

While each measure has its limitations, the fact that both sets of figures show Windows 10 in pole position adds weight to the argument that Windows 10 has surpassed its predecessor on the desktop.

The other important factor here is that Microsoft's extended support window for Windows 7 closes on January 14th, 2020 - just over a year from now. Nevertheless, Windows 10 has overtaken overall there too, with 16.04 (-0.27) against Windows 7 with 15.09 (-0.99). Windows 8.1 users have a little longer, until 2023.