Google Chrome for Windows 10 is getting a native dark mode

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In December 2018, we learned that Google is bringing a new dark mode to Chrome for macOS Mojave, and now it appears that the browser is getting the same treatment in Windows 10.

Hence, for all these reasons and complains finally the tech giant Google chose to launch the same well-known dark mode feature for Windows 10 just like a few days ago it confirmed the arrival of this feature for Chrome in macOS Mojave. "Chrome should respect this", he wrote in a bug report.

The way the feature was designed was that Chrome would honor the OS light/dark theme by automatically switching between a light and dark theme when the user changed the OS UI theme.

According to another bug report, the main issue with implementing a dark mode for Chrome has been the fact that it renders the main browsing mode identical to Incognito mode. Adding "-force-dark-mode" to the command line of current builds of Chrome 73 makes everything dark. It's great news for people who like the dark theme. Hopefully, we'll get a dark mode for Chrome on mobile soon as well.

There's no timescale as yet, and moreover, even when there is a proper dark mode ready for testing, it'll have to progress through the Canary and Beta channels before it lands as a stable option, meaning that, unless you feel confident in rooting around in the flags menu, it's likely to be Summer before it's a viable option.

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Right-click on Chrome Canary's desktop shortcut and go into its Properties.

Add -force-dark-mode to the end of the Target field and apply ok.

An increasing number of apps and websites are gaining dark modes, often simply for the sake of aesthetics, but also because of power-saving considerations.

The macOS work has top priority (P1).

It's also worth noting that the theme is unfinished. You can see that some of the menu text isn't the right colour yet, for example.