Trump To Address Nation Tuesday On Border Security

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Trump maintains that more than $5 billion for a wall is necessary to secure the border. The legality of such a move is unclear, however, and the president would nearly certainly face immediate legal challenges in the courts. There, Democratic sources familiar with the meeting said that the administration "doubled down" on its proposal, which initiated the shutdown on December 22.

Democrats have refused Trump's request for $5.6 billion to fund the initial construction of a concrete or steel structure.

The California Democrat tells CNN's "State of the Union": "Look, if Harry Truman couldn't nationalize the steel industry during wartime, this president doesn't have the power to declare an emergency and build a multibillion-dollar wall on the border".

Trump further said Sunday he was considering whether to bypass Congress and build the wall by declaring a national emergency ― which would constitute an unprecedented use of executive powers.

Moments before boarding Marine One, the presidential helicopter, Mr Trump said: "We have to build the wall or we have to build a barrier".

The White House did not provide details of Trump's trip, but the planned visit will likely highlight security concerns pushed by the administration as justification for the wall.

"There's no requirement that this government be shut down while we deliberate the future of any barrier, whether it's a fence or a wall", Sen.

"The Army Corps of Engineers is dialed in on doing this cost effectively and with the right amount of urgency as to where we can build additional stand-up walls quickly and then get after the threat", Shanahan said.

Democratic US Senator Dick Durbin reacted coolly to Mr Trump's suggestion of declaring a national emergency.

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Trump said earlier in the day that he was hoping for "some very serious talks come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday". And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., suggested Sunday that pressure would only mount amid the shutdown, which he said is disrupting Transportation Security Administration operations, home loans and farmers in his state.

"Our objective in the meeting at the White House was to open up government", Pelosi said.

Trump, however, tweeted late Sunday afternoon that the meeting was productive.

"[Democrats] don't like concrete, so we'll give them steel".

"Senate Democrats should block consideration of any bills unrelated to opening the government until Sen".

President Trump is considering the possibility of declaring a national emergency, according to Pence, who said they are also considering what Congress can do. After bowing to his base and refusing to compromise with Democrats, Schiff said, Trump needs to "figure out how he unpaints himself from that corner".

The president's inability to get a border wall could become a major plank in his eye when he runs for reelection in 2020, since the border wall was a key component of his campaign platform. Trump should continue to hold the line on the wall and make the Democrats defend why they will not spend an amount equal to about 11 hours of government spending on a permanent barrier that will help Border Patrol keep track of those attempting to enter the country illegally.

Trump's fellow Republicans control the US Senate but are short of the 60 votes needed to pass budget laws, so some Democratic support will be needed for any move to end the impasse.