Apple and Qualcomm can’t agree on whether or not they’re talking

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Despite a year which saw a big chunk of the company's value wiped, Apple decided that such visionary management was worth a hefty 22 percent pay raise in 2018, bringing Cook's total compensation for the year to nearly $15.7 million.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he believes that his company's culture of innovation is "probably underappreciated" by naysayers.

But they think the primary driver of Apple's demand doldrums come down to a "mispriced smartphone with XR as the culprit in China and elongated upgrade activity within its installed base a clear headwind".

He noted that a trade agreement between the United States and China "clearly will be good not only for us" but "more about the world in general". Specifically, Mr. Cook wants to democratize the ways people access their health information, citing the company's work to integrate medical records into the iPhone as an example. Cook said, "You will see us announce new services this year".

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"Look, the truth is, we haven't been in any settlement discussions with them since the third calendar quarter of a year ago", Cook said in his recent interview. (.) I'm not gonna forecast precisely, the ramps and so forth. "We're democratizing it. We're taking what has been with the institutions and empowering the individual to manage their health".

Cook received a US$3mln salary, a US$12mln bonus and US$121mln from his 10-year stock award for the year ended September 29.

Cook could also be referencing Apple's rumored monthly news subscription service , which could look a lot like Apple's streaming-music service, Apple Music.

The primary case in Apple and Qualcomm's legal battle goes to trial in April. "The company is also expected to launch new AirPods this year, capitalizing on the success of its most popular accessory ever". Mollenkopf had also told investors on a Qualcomm earnings call in July that the San Diego chip company was in talks with Apple, and those comments appear to be true based on the timeline that Cook disclosed on Tuesday.