Government shutdown means no payday for TSA employees in Onslow County

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Miami International Airport will close a terminal early for three days because of a shortage of Transportation Security Administration screeners, airport spokesman Greg Chin said Thursday. "We're trying our best". They Just want to work and get paid and they say this could affect us. "My mom is actually having to pay the whole rent".

The shutdown was triggered by a standoff over funding for President Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. This weekend, it will become the longest shutdown in USA history.

"Airlines can not receive delivery of aircraft causing route cancellations, attrition of air traffic controllers reduces flow of aircraft in the air, and as transportation security officers reduce in numbers we will experience long, slowed security lines". "We love what we do".

"People are trying to go out and get second jobs", Shuker said".

But he said safety is an "ongoing mission", and every day the shutdown drags on is a cause for concern.

A rise in sick calls from TSA agents is now forcing Miami International Airport to shut down one terminal to departing flights from Saturday to Monday. Homebuyers are experiencing delays in getting their loans.

Those deemed non-essential have been placed on unpaid leave, while others have been forced to continue working without pay. An additional 380,000 are staying home without pay.

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Federal workers and agencies are feeling the negative impact of the shutdown. "But if aspects of the shutdown are beginning to hinder the air travel process, political leaders need to understand that there will be immediate and measurable harm to the USA economy and jobs - and those concerns are non-partisan", he said.

The typical federal employee makes $37 an hour, which translates into $1,480 a week, according to Labor Department data.

Many workers live paycheck to paycheck, despite the strong economy and the ultra-low unemployment rate.

An NPR poll released Friday shows 74 percent of Americans believe the government shutdown is embarrassing for the country and they feel frustrated or angry toward the federal government.

But, here in Lexington, on the 21st day of the shutdown, Smith says TSA officers are supporting each other to keep operations going.

The suit alleges the government is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay the workers at least minimum wage, as well as overtime, during the shutdown.