Person driving blindfolded crashes while playing the 'Bird Box Challenge'

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"She hit another auto, a light pole and a sound wall", local police told the news outlet.

Layton Police tweeted two photos of the crash, which they said occurred Monday.

The driver then pulled a beanie over her eyes and kept driving. The 17-year-old, her 16-year-old passenger and the occupants of the SUV were "luckily" not injured. The Layton Police Department reported no injuries were associated with the crash.

The challenge has seen people being filmed doing a variety of every day things blindfolded, including walking into walls and down streets.

"Bird Box" is a recently released Netflix drama featuring Sandra Bullock where a woman and her children live in an apocalyptic world that requires them to cover their eyes to avoid evil in order to escape. Yes, driving. A auto.

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Police are recommending reckless driving charges in the case but it will be up to the County Attorney's Office to determine what charges, if any, are filed.

The "Bird Box" challenge, which has gone viral on social media, is inspired by the Netflix movie "Bird Box", starring Sandra Bullock.

Authorities in Layton, Utah say that the 17-year-old girl who swerved into an oncoming vehicle before crashing into a light pole was participating in the "Bird Box Challenge", According to a local news report.

In the viral challenge, participants attempt to do ordinary things while blindfolded, which, again, is risky for obvious reasons.