2-for-1: Total lunar eclipse comes with supermoon bonus

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The lunar eclipse is in Leo while the sun is in Aquarius.

Political commentator Rick Wilson joked that the eclipse could just as well be called the "Full Blood God Death Night Lord Wild Beast Moon".

While over in the Karikari Peninsula Shona Stephens got some spectacular images of the moon from the top of Puwheke Hill.

The total lunar eclipse, which happens less than once per year on average, coincided at the same time as a supermoon, which occurs when the moon is full and closest to Earth in orbit.

Michelle Vincent from the Astrology Society of South Africa interpreted what the lunar eclipse energy means for believers in astrology. The duration of the "totality" phase - when the moon ws completely engulfed in Earth's shadow - -was 62 minutes.

In addition to the Americas, the entire lunar extravaganza could be observed, weather permitting, all the way across the Atlantic to parts of Europe.

The last total lunar eclipse, which occurred in July, was visible only over parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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The moon was in ideal alignment with the sun and Earth, with the moon on the opposite side of Earth from the sun. The moon's orbital path around the Earth takes place at an angle of 5 degrees to Earth's orbital plane around the sun, otherwise known as the ecliptic.

On Sunday, 20 January 2019, we had nine telescopes at the Camino Real Marketplace Plaza to view the lunar eclipse. At the peak of the spectacle, sunlight passed through Earth's atmosphere and lit the moon, making it appear to glow red.

The depth of the deep blood red varies during each eclipse depending on how clear the atmosphere is at the time.

Sunset before the Blood moon.

Some people are also calling this moon a wolf moon. The moniker "wolf moon" was given because it appeared in January, when hungry wolves would howl outside villages in days gone by. Instead tribes gave each full moon a nickname to keep track of the seasons and lunar months. He led them to believe their lack of support would anger God and result in a blood moon in the sky.

Ireland is set to see the most impressive lunar eclipse tomorrow Monday 21 for the next 14 years and astronomers are even advising that people take a day off to see it.