Apple is preparing a cheap iPad

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In a separate report from MacRumors, seven new iPads were recently spotted inside of the Eurasian Economic Commission Database.

We should also note that Apple has recently released a new iOS 12.2 beta update that contained a string of code for iPod Touch. He shared the code references on Twitter saying they are for Wi-Fi and cellular variants of possible iPads which would be without Face ID, indicating the purported models could be low-priced and toned down versions of the main models.

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Now, however, a well-known iOS tinkerer thinks he discovered some references in the new iOS 12.2 version, which hint to four new iPad models and an iPod Touch device. Though the number groupings remain to be comforted, the provisional numbers appear to indicate at least two distinct device types. He also speculated that the in-code mentions concern an upcoming 9.7in slate and an iPad Mini 5. That said, it may be that any imminent releases will be models of internal component upgrades as opposed to a complete redesign. The TrueDepth camera technology associated with Face ID would warrant a thorough redesign, one that hews off the slates' "chin" region where the Touch ID home button is now found. Face ID is expensive to implement, and the new iPads are rumoured to be marketed as affordable models using low-priced display panels. And by extension, this also suggests that the two iPads will be relying of Touch ID. Each of these devices feature renovated chassis designs featuring symmetrical screen borders and like the iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max, no home button. The mini has not received a makeover since 2015 now. For the last few months we've heard rumors about a new iPad Mini for 2019, while word of a new iPod Touch is a surprise for many.

The iPod reference is more curious, as it could mean that Apple is planning to debut a 7th-generation iPod Touch.