Germany wants to avoid banning Huawei from 5G networks, report says

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In one of the strongest public remarks ever, a senior representative of China's tech company Huawei on Thursday night rebutted fear-mongering of the company.

No evidence has been produced publicly and the firm has repeatedly denied the claims, but the allegations have led several Western countries to restrict Huawei's access to their markets. It's not as easy for a Chinese company to say no to its government as it might be for, say, Apple to deny an Federal Bureau of Investigation request here in the US.

It is a complicated process and will take at least three to five years to see tangible results.

According to the source close to the Trump administration, with 5G infrastructure being developed, U.S. senior officials want "to move the needle" on their security messaging.

"As was made clear in July's (report), the NCSC has concerns around a range of technical issues and has set out improvements the company must make", a spokeswoman said in a statement.

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As charges mount against Huawei executives, there is compelling reason to believe that the United States will not be awarding any contracts to Chinese businesses.

Brussels has not taken steps to ban Huawei but operators like the UK's BT Group and France's Orange have said they will not use its 5G equipment in their core national networks.

The Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE have been in the Trump administration's crosshairs as part of a broader focus on Chinese national security threats that has paralleled the ongoing trade war. Some experts also see a risk that Chinese intelligence may develop an ability to subvert Huawei's equipment.

Should the ban on Chinese networking hardware go into full effect, the statement indicates that there will be great pressure on Europe to follow suit in avoiding the use of Chinese cellular equipment. There are indeed different companies that make 5G and microwave, but only Huawei can produce the best 5G and microwave at the same time.

The law mandates any organisation and citizen to support and assist national intelligence in their investigations and to keep information related to such investigations. For us, it is a matter of security or nothing; there is no third option. As POLITICO first reported last August, it was originally paired with a second order formalizing an interagency team that reviews foreign entities' telecom investment requests.