Google Pixel 4 may get this iPhone feature

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That's because Google has brought back its Pixel 3 buy-one-get-one-cheaper promotion, offering fans up to 50% on the second Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL purchase.

XDA Developers recently noticed a new commit to AOSP's source code, revealing some interesting details about the Pixel 4. Unfortunately, before Pixel 3 owners get their hopes up about getting dual SIM support in a future update, the comment also mentions that some devices - like the Pixel 3 - will remain single SIM, even if they contain two SIM cards. Now, the latest rumour comes about the next-generation Pixel smartphones - which logically could be called Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. It doesn't have two main cameras nor does use the full extent of dual SIM capabilities. This means that while they offer both a standard SIM slot and an eSIM, they can't both can't be activated at the same time, meaning users can only talk, text or use data on one line while the other remained largely useless. In other words, you can't have simultaneous calls on both SIMs (though why you'd want this I dunno). You'll have to switch between the two networks to receive calls and messages from the respective network.

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The Googler seems to suggest that this year's Pixel phones, which will run on Android Q, of course, will have DSDS dual SIM functionality. Also available in the latest iPhones and many dual SIM Android smartphones, this basically means that the other SIM can receive calls or texts so long as the primary SIM slot isn't actively being used for the same goal. Because it requires two radios, it isn't very common. Just as interesting, however, is the note that the Pixel 3 does have that as well but is limited to internal testing.

Google launched Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones in October and both smartphones have been praised for their exceptional cameras.