Tesla slaughters Las Vegas delivery team in recent round of job cuts

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Besides, as the time-frame of a tax break for Tesla's electric vehicles had been dried out, the auto remains too costly for the USA buyers.

"We sold through just about every vehicle we had on the ground and we called nearly every being on the planet who had ever expressed desire to own a Tesla to let them know the tax credit was expiring", said the other ex-employee. The company will shift its strategy from production to distribution.

The steady advance of global automakers into the electric auto market has weighed on Tesla's valuation over the past twelve months, with Morgan Stanley calling Tesla's 80 percent USA electric vehicle market share in 2018 unsustainable. The company said that they will focus on the demand for the cars this year.

Tesla has said its focus this quarter is on supplying cars to customers waiting in China and Europe.

Musk said on Thursday that the update will be rolling out this week along with a new security feature "sentry mode", which blasts classical music if the vehicle detects it's being broken into.

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Musk responded to the tweet, "Yes". The nation is its third-biggest market since it gives generous incentives to low-emission vehicles.

Tesla's plan with the Model Y is to be the best-selling SUV in the markets the company is popular in, particularly America and China. On January 30, the tech company reported worse-than-expected profits for the fourth quarter, despite achieving two consecutive profitable quarters for the first time.

Even before the paring back of the delivery team, investors questioned the level of demand for the Model 3 remaining after Tesla's all-out push to supply buyers ahead of the tax credit cut. Over the same period, the S&P 500 Index closed 8 percent higher. The company remained in the black in the next quarter as well, although it is not completely out of the woods as it also announced job cuts of 7 percents in order to make its cars more cost-competitive. The company's stock climbed 3.59% on Monday, trading near $316.77 per share.

Morgan Stanley, however, believes that emerging automakers in the electric vehicle market threatens the company's sustainability.