White House To Move Forward With Anti-Climate Panel

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The Trump administration is reportedly forming an ad hoc group of hand-picked scientists to throw a shroud of uncertainty over the government's own climate change report, which stated the country would need to lower emissions in order to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

The idea of a new working group, which top administration officials discussed Friday in the White House Situation Room, represents a modified version of an earlier plan to establish a federal advisory panel on climate and national security.

Three senior officials from the Trump administration informed the Post of this National Security Council initiative which, while not finalized, may be implemented soon.

Under the act, such bodies should meet in public, be subject to public record requests and include a representative membership. One such report is the National Climate Assessment in November, which-you guessed it-informed us that climate change is worsening. Reported group organizers include NSC senior director William Happer and New York University physics professor Steve Koonin, who wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed downplaying the climate assessment results. "Everyone had a chance to review the reports before they were released by this administration ― and if they were part of a federal agency, they had multiple chances".

The report, which President Trump was said to have been unhappy with, has since been used by Democrats to tout their Green New Deal.

A range of government researchers have issued stark warnings about climate change and the risks it poses.

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Several scientists, however, said the federal government's recent findings on climate change had received intense scrutiny from other researchers in the field before they became public.

"The president wants people to be able to decide for themselves", the aide said.

The group was organized in response to last year's National Climate Assessment, which warned of dire consequences from human-caused climate change.

In 2003, the Pentagon commissioned a report to examine how an abrupt change in climate would affect America's defense capabilities: Its authors concluded that it "should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a US national security concern". One federal climate scientist, who asked for anonymity to avoid possible retaliation, said agency researchers had pursued and published their research in the past two years without meaningful resistance.

Under Trump, the government's environmental policies have changed substantially.