Sony Reportedly Refunding Some PS4 Anthem Players; Game Is Crashing Console

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News of the refunds comes amid new reports claiming the BioWare game is causing some PS4 consoles to crash and, in some cases, bricking them.

The complaints were swept up into one megathread on Reddit a couple of days ago, and people aren't just angry at Anthem causing their consoles to shut down - they're also scared that it could have lasting effects.

BioWare's Anthem has had a fairly rocky launch that has included server issues, bugs and a lack of end-game content.

While most of these reports are for the PS4 version, it seems that many PC and Xbox players are complaining of hard crashes too. I've also experienced the shutdown issue. but only when I fall asleep playing.

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Sony is now issuing refunds on the PlayStation Store for Anthem, which spells doom for the game's long-term success on the world's biggest gaming platform. "The console powers down and will not power on using the normal method of pressing the PS4 button on the controller", wrote one player.

I've been playing Anthem on my launch edition PS4 with the glass cabinet doors of my TV cabinet open for fear the system might overheat. In a separate thread, one Redditor said that Anthem completely bricked their own PS4. "I tried with Sony Support (chat) and was refused a refund".

Another redditor said "And they helped right away, no problem at all. Just provided some account info after that, that they needed, and then it was refunded", said another.

While Sony has yet to comment, this throws light on the fact that buying games digitally on a platform that does not have a strong refund policy or transparent customer support policies is not advised. As such, it seems that some players have been attempting to get refunds on their purchases.