Lego announces its own foldable device with an 'infinite' battery

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Interest in the company's newest smartphone releases has waned a bit recently, which explains why it's game to try something new - and why it reportedly spent eight years working to bring the Galaxy Fold to fruition, including time spent teaming up with Google to tailor Android to a foldable display. No stone appears to remain unturned, so to receive such a glowing report will be seen by fans of the flagship smartphone as testament to the South Korean manufacturer's continued pursuit of excellence in this field.

Samsung unveiled its folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, at a dedicated event earlier in February. The out-folding foldable phone is tipped to launch after the clamshell device, and it's said to exist in prototype form already. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is absolutely gorgeous, but the iPhone XFold looks like it would be a bigger commercial success... and that's because the XFold's design is instantly familiar.

Samsung forecasts production of at least 1 million foldable phones this year.

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LEGO just trolled Samsung by releasing its own take on the foldable phone. Meanwhile, the Mate X uses part of the tablet screen as the smartphone screen, reducing the need for a standalone smartphone display in the first place.

Samsung, which also produces memory chips and televisions, makes the foldable displays itself and supplies technology to rivals such as Apple.

Samsung has sold 20 percent more of the Galaxy S10 on the first day of sales compared to the S9, the company announced.